Oliver & Terry Holler — Our Mission

Oliver Holler, Michael J. Fox, and Terry Holler

Oliver Holler, Michael J. Fox, and Terry Holler

facts and Stats

Parkinson’s disease (often abbreviated as ‘PD’) is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that often impairs the sufferer’s motor skills and speech, as well as other functions.

As many as one million Americans suffer from Parkinson’s disease, which is more than the combined number of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease each year, and this number does not reflect the thousands of cases that go undetected.

PD is both chronic and progressive. At present time, there is no cure — but we’re going to the future.

The Purpose of our mission

We are all affected by this disease, whether personally or through friends, family members, and even those in the public eye. We believe the discovery of a cure will translate to many other diseases as well.

A growing number of years ago, a doctor gave Oliver six months to live, with a diagnosis of terminal cancer. This news inspired them to accelerate a ‘bucket list’, and within a very short time they did something crazy and impractical. They hand-built their dream car: a DeLorean Time Machine from the movie Back to the Future. Fortunately, the doctor’s time table was incorrect and they continue to share the joy their car has brought them with the rest of the world, while helping cure a disease along the way.

The Hollers joined Team Fox, a branch of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research after hearing that Michael himself has the disease. This organization is a focus due to their admiration for Michael J. Fox, and his inspiration through the Back to the Future trilogy. His optimistic approach in dealing with Parkinson’s is an example that shows everyone can do something to give back.

The Hollers continue their adventures with speaking engagements around the world. They appear in various books on the Back to the Future subject, are featured in the film Back In Time and have their own publication Time Traveling, which is in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

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About the Car

The Team Fox DeLorean Time Machine is a functioning vehicle. It is road-worthy, street legal and comes with an internationally licensed and insured driver. Appearances are secured with a deposit and signed agreement. Pricing is simply based on the costs of getting the car 'to and from' events from South Carolina (distance traveled and the days involved.) We also contribute a portion to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Specs: 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 Engine: Rear mounted, liquid cooled - Light Alloy V6, 2.85 Liter - Single overhead camshaft - C.I.S. mechanical fuel injection - Cylinder Bore 91mm - Stroke 73mm - Displacement 2849 cc - Power Rating 130 SAE NET HP @5,500 RPM - Maximum Torque 208 Nm @ 2,750 RPM - Compression Ratio 8:8:1 - Transmission: 5 speed manual. Body: 304 Grade Brushed Stainless Steel Time Machine Conversion: Full reproduction of the car featured in Back to the Future™, complete with Flux Capacitor! Has optional plutonium chamber/Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor plus, the lighting rod hook from the film's climax. Vehicle has additional features for display and parades, including external speakers, special lighting, sound and fog effects. Additional props from the movies (hoverboards, etc.) are available for rent — a complete list can be supplied upon request.


Renting the DeLorean

Renting the Team Fox DeLorean Time Machine can make a tremendous impact on your guests, staff, and even the casual observer. We've rented our vehicle to several excellent companies that wanted to leave a lasting impression. When a VIP from Sherwin Williams wanted to make a grand entrance inside the Presidential Ballroom of the Opryland Hotel, he contacted us! The world-class New York Marriott rented our DeLorean for their staff appreciation day, taking digital photos of all the members and printing them as gifts.

Whether your goal is to inspire, reward, boost morale, increase sales, or simply impress, we can help you achieve this goal — and more! In addition to photo opportunities, renting the Team Fox DeLorean Time Machine can lead to outrageous promotions! Hold a raffle for one lucky winner to 'blast off' on a chance-in-a-lifetime ride, co-piloting up and down the boulevard, or around the city! The possibilities are endless.

We love touring to special events. Please provide us with your contact information and other relevant details about your event such as the location, event dates, and the type of event you're hosting and we'll be happy to work with you to make your event the most spectacular, jaw dropping, unforgettable experience of all time! Since some appearances are scheduled as much as two years in advance, contact us regarding availability as soon as possible. The Team Fox DeLorean Time Machine’s professional event specialists are Terry and Oliver Holler.



“Déjà vu  — look at that! I thought it was my car from the movie.”
Christopher Lloyd , Doc Brown
Back to the Future Trilogy

"Thank you so much for everything! You really helped make the trade show fun and memorable."
Chuck Lengle, SAGA Outerwear

“Best DeLorean Time Machine! If we ever make another Back to the Future, I know where to get the car!”
Bob Gale, Creator, Writer, Producer
Back to the Future™ Trilogy

Your professional nature and easy going attitude made my job all that much easier.  I received nothing but rave reviews about the car and the fantastic team around it. Thank you!”
Matthew Coull, President
Aileron Group, Show and Event Management




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this the car from the movies?
A: The one from the movies was destroyed by the train at the end of the trilogy. We reproduced the Time Machine specifically for traveling to events.

Q: How did you make it look like the one in the movie?
A: We watched the movie! Over and over and over…

Q: Do you haul it on a trailer, or do you drive it?
A: We drive it! It has driven to all 50 states in the USA, as well as ARGENTINA, Canada. Japan, Mexico, Germany, Greece and 22 other countries!

Q: Can you really travel through time?
A: Yes — One day at a time!

Q: Can you take my picture?
A: Yes — Do you have a camera?

Q: Can I sit in it?
A: Yes — for your kind donation to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Q: Can I drive it?
A: The team fox DeLorean Time Machine comes with an internationally licensed and insured driver with years of experience and unsurpassed familiarity with this specialized vehicle. In short, Sorry, but no.

Q: What is the car worth?
A: The Team fox DeLorean Time Machine is one-of-a-kind. For our purposes of fun and sharing, and the viewers who also enjoy it, it is truly priceless.

Q: How much does it cost to rent it?
A: Pricing is simply based on a daily rental rate plus the expenses of driving the car 'to and from' events (distance traveled plus days involved.)  First day: $1500. and $1000. each day thereafter. $2/mile from area code 29582. Traditionally, the host provides accommodations for weary time travelers at or near the event location. Please Contact us for a personalized quote!

Q: Have you ever met anyone from Back to the Future?
A: Yes! We have participated in countless appearances, commercials, conventions, Music videos and promotional events along with most of the cast and crew, including DEAN CUNDEY, Michael J. Fox, Donald Fullilove, Bob Gale, Crispin Glover, Michael Klastorin, Huey Lewis & The News, Christopher Lloyd, MARVIN J. MCINTYRE, KEVIN PIKE, Andrew Probert, Michael Scheffe, Alan SilvestRi, Mary steenburgen, Lea Thompson, James Tolkan, Harry waters Jr., Jeffrey Weissman, Claudia Wells, ‘DANGEROUS’ BOB Widin, Tom Wilson, and Robert zemeckis.